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1360+ Best General Physician in Bangalore

Dr. Shweata Krishna Ganesh

Endocrinologist Diabetologist

Internal medicineInternal medicine
Family MedicineFamily Medicine

Sonestamedows, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560066

Dr. Sunhitha Velamala

MD - Preventive and Social Medicine

Family MedicineFamily Medicine
Internal medicineInternal medicine

Hombegowdanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560041

Dr. Chellan Rajendran

MD Gen Med

Internal medicineInternal medicine
Family MedicineFamily Medicine

Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560098

Dr. Vijith R

MBBS General Physician

Internal medicineInternal medicine
Family MedicineFamily Medicine

Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560056

Dr. Haleema Yezdani

MBBS- General Physician

Internal medicineInternal medicine
Family MedicineFamily Medicine

Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560111

Dr. Azaruddin S MD


Internal medicineInternal medicine
Family MedicineFamily Medicine

Robertson Road , Robertson Road , Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560005

Dr. Surender Sharma

Dr. Surender Sharma- MBBS-General Physician

Family MedicineFamily Medicine

Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560077

Dr. Ajay.H.R

MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), CCEBDM (Diabetology)

Family MedicineFamily Medicine

Pillar no 500, 8th mile signal, Tumkur service road, Bagalagunte, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560073

Dr. Charuta Pradeep


Internal medicineInternal medicine
Family MedicineFamily Medicine

Vaastu Tranquil, Kengeri, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560060

Dr. Sheeba Naaz


Internal medicineInternal medicine
Family MedicineFamily Medicine

Bharatiya city, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 510001

1. Is Doc India helpful to find general physicians in Bangalore? 

Doc India can help you reach some of the best and topmost general physicians in Bangalore at affordable prices so that you will be able to recover from any kind of health issue with the utmost care and health support.

2. Are general physicians in Doc India highly experienced? 

Doc India is one of India’s most trusted websites for finding physicians and here doctors are highly qualified and experienced enough to cure various types of health problems.

3. How do general physicians cure urinary tract infections? 

If you visit your general physician with a urinary tract infection, the doctor will first diagnose the condition by testing samples of urine, and once the disorder is detected the physician will advise you to take the necessary medications like antibiotics and will suggest required changes in your regular lifestyle practices.

4. What are the medical degrees required for a general physician to practice family medicine? 

The most important medical degrees that a general physician should have in to practice family medicine include the following:

A bachelor’s degree in medical science or a related field

An average of 4 years in medical school

An M.B.B.S., M.D., or a D.O. degree.

5. Can general physicians cure hypertension? 

Yes, general physicians are trained to treat hypertension and similar types of cardiac health issues. The primary treatment options that your general physician might suggest treating hypertension and high blood pressure are to take medications, consume a healthy and balanced diet, perform exercises, and live a healthy lifestyle.

6. How do general physicians cure pink eyes? 

Firstly, the general physician will try to detect the condition of the pink eye, especially to check whether it is conjunctivitis and what kind of microbe has caused the pink eye. The treatment of pink eye will depend on whether it has been caused by bacteria, a virus, an allergen, or any other germ.

7. Should you visit a general physician to cure muscular pain? 

Your general physicians can help treat your muscular pain and spasms by recommending exercises and physical therapy that would help to reduce the stress and sprains on your muscle joints.

8. Can general physicians help to treat jaundice? 

The medicines and the treatments that your general physician would offer for curing jaundice will depend on the type of symptoms the patient is suffering from. Your doctor will prescribe medications for those who are experiencing moderate to severe pruritis, such as cholestyramine or colestipol.

9. Will your general physician suggest your regular diet and nutritional intake? 

Your general physician can recommend the diet that you must consume, the nutritional components that you need to take in (for instance, after surgery or while suffering from a health issue), and the foods that you must avoid.

10. How can general physicians help to cure pneumonia? 

To treat pneumonia, your general physician might suggest taking medicines that are antibiotics, antiviral, and analgesics, and will advise complete rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you feel symptoms of any illness or discomfort in your health you should visit your physician for primary care.

If your problem is severe then tell your physician, they will refer you to specialised doctors for right treatment.

During the visit, the physicians will ask you questions related to your issues, symptoms you are feeling, and your daily life activities.

They provide immunizations and medication for preventive care and also give advice to avoid chronic conditions.

If you are not satisfied with the care of your physician, then ask for a referral to a specialist or consult another physician. They will review your symptoms again and provide medications and treatment freshly.

For finding the best physician in Bangalore you can go to online platforms like DocIndia, search for the physicians, you can read their profiles and book appointments according to your convenience.

Yes, you can online consult a physician through various platforms like DocIndia, through video calls. You can book an online appointment according to your convenience.

It depends on your age and health problems. If you are under the age of 50 and in good health then visit a physician once every 3 years. Once you turn 50 then visit a physician once in a year and take an eye on your health status.

Yes, everyone needs a physician at some point. And if the condition is getting worse then consult a specialist.

If the physician understands your problem and the diagnosing results are visible then you are in right hands. And if you can’t see any changes in your problem then you should look for a specialist.

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