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Have pain in tooth

Feeling pain in my upper teeth from 5 days. Increase by cold water and hot food. Food stuck over there

10 Days

Sexual problem

I have premature ejaculation and foreskin issues Premature ejaculation: i am getting discharge early like just before starting or within 5-8 stroks I Forskin issue the frenulum is still attached to glance which pains sometimes in hard erection do I need to consult urologist for this.?

13 Days

Sexual problem

I have premature ejaculation and forskin Problem . Ejaculation - I am getting discharge early before starting or within 1 minutes Foreskin : my foreskin still attached to glance sometime it pains in hard erectioni do i need consul urologist for this

13 Days

Forgetfullness & no appetite

Forgetfullness & no appetite for mother On medication for dementia since few years. No improvement. No appetite

16 Days

Lower fat is heavy how to increase this fat

My wife lower fat it's heavy how to it's increase , she age 27, every thing it's ok but lower portion is very bad impression , that's regards consult wht we do

26 Days

Nose bleeding

My mother nose bleeding and left side headache

28 Days

Stomach problem

Age -56 Dear sir I have stomach problem like 1 year ago I have hernia problem doctor operate it but after a month I have some symptoms like my stomach ache I feel something is move round and round and after few hour. Whenever I take seeds food and fruits it not digest vomating happen. Doctor prescribed me endoscopy test iafter viewing report doctor told me that your intestine work very fast so I prescribed you some medicine After few months everything is normal but after 1 year of hernia operation I have cyst in upper navel right side doctor advise me for culture test.In culture test only mention saffuculous infection doctor operate it by the help of niddle and prescripe some antibiotics medicine.for 10 day's when I complete my dose 1 day later something is occur in different areas doctor again send for culture test but only mention pus doctor re again prescribed antibiotics medicine for 10 day 10 day's complete operation area is hard and where the something occurs their is swelling it also normal few medicines doctor advise to take it for 10 day after 8 days later re again swelling happen without pain .I don't know why

28 Days

Piles treatment

One of my family members is suffering with piles, I'm confused about the kind of treatment to be given, Is homeopathy treatment good for piles and what's the approximate cure time

1 Months

Diabetes treatment in Ayurveda

This is for Ayurvedic Doctor Madhumita at Nanganallur. To clarify on the treatment modalities for Diabetes with Ayurveda. Newly deducted,but no symptoms.

2 Months

My Pdw-cv is 17.10 ,Pdw-sd is 22.40 and P-lcr is55

I am having problem with my stomach from quite sometime,it subsides after having pp medicine but comes again after month or so.

2 Months

condom break

i was having sex with call girl. i checked in the middle it was fine.i was about to ejaculate , she said the condom tore and i ejaculated partly inside and majority inside.. i asked her hiv status . she said she is negative .. seems has 2 yr old baby as she had caesarian marks. i am afraid of hiv .. i dont have any marks on my penis , like cuts abrasion e.t.c.. as i think the condom broke and i immediately removed and washed my penis with water and soap. i think may be for 5 seconds may be inside her vagina. even she is not bleeding and seems healthy.

3 Months

Erectile disfycntion

I dnt get proper erection in my penis plz get bk me with proper advice. I did masterbed many times i dnt have any pain but curved left sude

3 Months


Sir, I have a little white skin which in neglegible but I want to confirm that what is it. Is it a vitiligo or any other thing... I am so confused.. And my Question is that I have heard in news about your research work and it says that it vitiligo was cured by 80 to 100 percent.. Was that true ?? Is it possible... Doctor please clear my doubts.. I am very much frustated!!! PLEASE!!!🙏🙏🙏

4 Months

Can Dry Cough Turn Chronic?

What is the reason for dry cough that is persistent since months? Can dry cough turn chronic or have underlying health concerns?

5 Months

Irregular periods

Having irregular periods and there is an inflammation in the urine after I wake up in the morning. Having periods 3 times in a month And lot of pain in the lower abdomen

5 Months

Regarding cold

Last week my son got fever and past 3 days he is suffering in cold and getting cough ,running nose. I need your consultant for this sir

6 Months


Hello doctor, my son is 3 month old . He is breastfeeding only from single breast and then he fall asleep and within half an hour or 1 hour he wakes up and ask for feed . Is it ok if he breastfeeds only from single breast

6 Months