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Wrt sincerity in studies & behavioral improvement

Asked for Others, 16 Years
The question is wrt my daughter. She is not studying well (XII Class) and not at all serious about the carrier prospectus. Her behavior wrt other family members is also becoming unfriendly, un courteous and sometimes even dis respectful, rude and irritating. We would like to take your in person advice/consultation in order to make her study well and improve her sincerity and behavior.
26 Days ago
Answers (1)

Ms. Hiral Pandya

Psychologist Mumbai

I do understand the fear you have as a parent especially considering her XII.There has to be some reason behind her behaviour and at present she needs love and understanding.She can be helped to focus on studies and same time work on personal issues that she is going through. You may take online appointment for your daughter and meanwhile do get in touch with her friends if possible to know her behaviour with them or have to found any changes