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Top 10 Physiotherapist in Delhi

Dr. Saurabh Semwal

Cardio-Pulmonary, Spine Sn Physiotherapy Consultant & Medical Yoga Consultant


68, Defence Colony Flyover Market, Delhi, Delhi, India - 110024

Dr. Anu Sabu


Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy

Delhi, Delhi, India - 110096

Dr. Rajneesh Kumar

Sr. Physiotherapist & Chiropractor

Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy

Delhi, Delhi, India - 110092

Dr. Vijay Panjiyar

Senior consultant Physiotherapist


House no- 171 Uttam Nagar West Delhi, Delhi, Delhi, India - 110059

Dr. Ranjan Kumar


Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy

Rohini sec-3,Delhi -110085, Delhi, Delhi, India - 110085

Dr. Tabbassum Khan


Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy

doctors plaza F39 East of kailash near kailash colony metro station , Delhi, Delhi, India - 110065

Dr. Yogender Singh

BPT- Physiotherapy


32b pearl lane DLF , Chhattarpur Farm, Delhi, Delhi, India - 110074

Dr. Mohd Tauseef


Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy

Shop no 14 krishna market, jhilmil colony delhi , Jhilmil colony delhi , Delhi, Delhi, India - 110095

Dr. Divya Khanna

BPTh/BPT, MPTh/MPT - Paediatric Physiotherapy


602 Jhelum Apartments, Plot no 8, Sector 5.Dwarka, Delhi, Delhi, Delhi, India

Dr. Poonam Dahiya



A1/111, basement safdarjung enclave, Delhi, Delhi, India

1.Are physiotherapists in Doc India experts in pain relief? 

The physiotherapists in Doc India have ample experiences in treating various types of chronic pain and related symptoms, so they can help you to get pain relief near your localities, within affordable rates.

2.Does physiotherapist of Doc India recommend ROM exercises? 

The physiotherapists in Doc India will recommend Range of Motion or ROM exercises, only when the patient suffers from acute pain, weakness, and inflammation in their muscles, along with changes in muscle tone.

3. What is the use of traction in physiotherapy?

Traction procedure in physiotherapy is used to pull apart the bones in your spine and it also helps to reduce the pressure on the discs, and helps the spine align properly. Traction therapy is also used in reducing chronic body pain and improves the health and functioning of the bones and muscles.

4.Can physiotherapists cure pain and stiffness? 

Yes, physiotherapists can help to provide relief from pain and feelings of stiffness in your bones and joints through exercises. Physiotherapists can help you to get better by treating the areas of pain with certain exercises to ease pain and help you move better.

5.What is the use of electrotherapy? 

Electro-therapy is a gentle and non-invasive form of treatment that works to cure body pain by stimulating nerves and muscles through the surface of the skin. Your physiotherapist might use electrotherapy for treating symptoms of chronic pain, musculo-skeletal injuries, and nerve pain by using targeted and controlled electrical stimulation. 

6.When do physiotherapists advise cryotherapy?

 Cryotherapy is a method used in physiotherapy that involves application of ice. This therapy, when applied on the area of pain helps to control the acute pain by instigating local anaesthesia, and it also helps to reduce oedema, nerve conduction velocities, controls cellular metabolism and local blood flow. 

7.When is therapeutic ultrasound beneficial? 

A therapeutic ultrasound beneficial in the following cases:

Reduce pain

Deep warming of tissues which accelerates healing

Reduces swelling and inflammation

Increases muscular flexibility

Improves blood circulation.

8.Is Kinesio-taping safe for you?

Though Kinesio-taping is more or less safe in physiotherapy, you will be advised to avoid it, if you have any open wound or an infection that needs to be treated, or if you are allergic to the adhesives. 

9.What do physiotherapists suggest for reducing muscle fatigue?

To reduce your muscle fatigue, physiotherapists will usually suggest going for hot and cold therapy, that will help to reduce inflammation, swelling, pain, and thus will help you to get relief from discomfort.

10.What is the treatment of muscle spasm? 

Here are some of the ways that can help to get relief from muscle spasms: 

Using hot compress using a heat pad

Massaging the area of spasm gently

Stretching the cramping muscle

Applying ice pack to get relief from muscle spasms.

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