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Best Psychologist in Delhi

Mrs. Gunjan Arya

Gunjan Arya - Psychologist in Delhi


128 Avtar Enclave, Paschim vihar, Delhi, Delhi, India - 110063

Ms. Rhea Kochhar



B 391, Basement, New Friends Colony, Delhi, Delhi, India - 110025

Miss. Shilpi Aggarwal



society plot no-5, New Jai Bharat,, 1506, Sector 4, Dwarka,, Delhi, Delhi, India - 110075

Ms. Rashi Ahuja

Counselling Psychologist


B 391, Basement, New Friends Colony, Delhi, Delhi, India - 110025

Ms. Ishita Jain



B 391, Basement, New Friends Colony, Delhi, Delhi, India - 110025

1. Why should you visit a psychologist? 

One must visit a psychologist if one experiences certain types of feelings that seem overwhelming, such as feelings of profuse sadness, anxiety, and depression, along with high levels of stress, and other psychological or mental health issues.

2. Why are therapy and counseling important? 

Therapy and counselling are highly crucial and some of the primary steps for curing various types of mental health disorders. Therapy and counseling help people explore their moods and behavioral patterns and thus help people understand their emotions.

3. How to open up about your mental health and wellness? 

Opening up about your mental health and wellness to your psychologist can be truly difficult. Still, it is important to develop trust towards your psychologist and share all the events of past trauma and the experiences of stress that you might be feeling lately.

4. What are the different types of psychologists to visit in Delhi? 

There are different types of psychologists that you can visit in Delhi, some of the most common of them include:

Clinical psychologist

Cognitive psychologist

Community psychologist

Counselling psychologist

Developmental psychologist

5. How can psychologists help in early childhood development? 

You can take your children, especially those who are in their early childhood or their adolescent (teen) years to psychologists who are facing difficulties in their developmental period.

6. How does a consultant psychologist treat the signs and symptoms? 

A psychologist helps to treat various symptoms of mental health issues such as anxiety, clinical depression, stress, panic attacks, cognitive and memory problems, and so on using processes like counseling and therapy. Some psychologists may also recommend mindful exercises, which will help keep the mind in good health.

7. Why should you rely on Doc India for visiting psychologists? 

Psychological consultation requires a sense of safety and security along with a feeling of trust, and Doc India is the organization that will help you access some of the best and the most trusted psychologists in Delhi and near you.

8. Where do clinical psychologists work? 

You may find clinical psychologists working in the following places:

Mental health clinics


Rehabilitation centres

Private chambers in clinics

9. Can psychologists help in treating eating disorders? 

Psychologists can help to cure various types of eating disorders that develop from different types of psychological reasons, which include disorders like anorexia, bulimia nervosa, and so on.

10. What is the average cost of therapy and counseling to a psychologist in Delhi? 

On average, the cost of consulting a psychologist in Delhi may range from 1500 to 3000 INR, but this amount may vary based on the location, the health condition, the psychologist’s experience, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

A psychologist is a doctor who works on a human's mental health by understanding their feelings, emotions and behavior.

The main differences are psychiatrists are medical doctors who prescribe medicine and diagnose illness, do treatment and provide therapies for serious mental issues. On the other hand, psychologists focus on talk therapy by listening and understanding their mental issues to help patients.

Psychologists understand how the brain works, our emotions, feelings and thoughts. They provide psychological treatments.

When someone is going through conditions like behavioural problems, learning difficulties, depression, anxiety, trauma, and insomnia.

No, they only focus on talk therapy, and counselling by listening to your life issues.

Psychologists provide psychological treatments by taking interviews, tests, behavioral observations.

Psychologists work in hospitals, mental health clinics, research institutions, and private clinics.

Yes, if you are going through a depression phase it is recommended to consult a psychologist, they can treat you by giving some therapy sessions.

If you are losing appetite, facing mood swings, anxiety, feelings of sadness, stress, insomnia, depression, suicidal thoughts then you should visit a psychologist.

DocIndia helps you find the right psychologist by providing an online platform where you can search psychologists according to your location and need.

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