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Hearing problem.

Asked for Others, 28 Years
In covid 2020 i got ear infection in my right ear. which got diagnosed after a week. then doctors prescribed medication by which infection got cured and never returned. but still i felt i had little hearing loss in right ear so i got checked with doctor he did hearing test then he told me that i have mild hearing loss the frequency came 30 db a mild hearing loss to higher frequency. so they gave me medicine for about two three weeks i thought it got cured. in 2024 i felt something fishy in hearing so i again went to doctor he checked results are same. they are telling me that i have censonueral hearing loss. but this happened only after infection. but according to them it is noise induce hearing loss. during 2020 i also felt noises in ears whenever i chew from right side i feel a light noise or sometimes a little loud noise. i am still facing this problem. so my question here is that s this censonueral hearing loss can be cured permanently or any signs of improvement can be possible i
1 Months ago
Answers (1)

Dr. Murari Kaimal

ENT Thiruvananthapuram

Morning Kunal, Sensory neural hearing loss is secondary to damage of the Hearinf organ (Cochlea)/ the nerve itself. This can be due to multiple causes, one of them is exposure to sound. But, can very well be secondary to viral infections, which is more common and is known as Labyrinthitis, which is actually far more common than noise-induced hearing loss. In your case, I suspect it is probably secondary to the COVID infection which is again a viral infection and can cause hearing issues. It is hard to predict the outcome of the hearing loss as it varies from individuals, but we can say in general 60-70% of such hearign loss may recover fully/ partially in 6-12 months and around 30-40 % unfortunately it may persist/ get worse. There is no actual treatment other than the initial hearing loss control with steroids. But it is important to rule out other factors like- Thyroid issues, Diabetes, Auto-immune conditions which can again cause this problem. A hearing aid can be prescribed for persistent Sensory neural hearing loss affecting your work or routine activities. However, in your case with only minimal loss, this may not be so relevant.