Dr. P Viswanathan

MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology


Q.1 Who is an ophthalmologists

Ans. Medical doctors who specialise with the treatment of eyes are known as ophthalmologists. They are properly trained to treat eye diseases with care. They perform eye tests, prescribe medication and do eye surgeries too. They also check the eyes and prescribe the glasses and lens too. Nowadays more and more people are getting affected in their eyes because of the blue light that comes out from the screens of laptop and mobile phones. And since uses of these gadgets are just increasing day by day, the number of patients also increases. So ophthalmologists are a very demanding field of doctors these days because of the reasons mentioned above.

Q.2 What are the qualifications of an ophthalmologist?

Ans. To become an Ophthalmologist you must complete your MBBS from a recognized medical college and then completes a master's degree with a specialization in ophthalmology. After that, you can do MS/MD in the same.

Q.3 What does an ophthalmologist do?

Ans. An ophthalmologist will evaluate your vision and, if necessary, determine your contact lens or eyeglass prescription when performing a thorough eye examination. They will examine the way your pupils react to light, the position of your eyes, and the health of the muscles that move your eyes. They will check your retina and optic nerve as well as look for any early indications of eye conditions like cataracts or glaucoma. Ophthalmologists identify and handle eye injuries, infections, illnesses, and disorders. The use of oral or topically applied medications, surgical procedures, cryotherapy, and chemotherapy are all examples of possible treatments.

Q.4 What diseases do ophthalmologists treat?

Ans. Errors in reflection Eyestrains Dry eye disease Blindness at night Vision floaters Amblyopia Blepharitis Glaucoma Cataract Allergy, bacterial, and viral conjunctivitis

Q.5 When should I go to the ophthalmologist?

Ans. One thorough eye exam per year is generally regarded as important. People with certain conditions might need to have more than one eye exam per year, especially if they have diabetes or are older than 40.

Q.6 Can an ophthalmologist perform surgery?

Ans. Ophthalmologists who perform microsurgical intraocular procedures like cataract extraction surgery or retinal detachment repair surgery are referred to as practicing surgical ophthalmology. The majority of surgical ophthalmologists perform cataract surgery and have a surgical subspecialty within the ten categories.

Q.7 Where can I find an ophthalmologist in chennai?

Ans. We can assist you in finding the ideal doctor for you with the aid of DocIndia (www.docindia.org). Ophthalmologists in Bangalore are undoubtedly part of the extensive network of specialists that DocIndia has across the nation. You can select from the top ophthalmologists who have offices close to chennai by contacting DocIndia. A list of every ophthalmologist in chennai is provided below.

Q.8 How to choose an ophthalmologist in chennai?

Ans. Chennai is a vast place and there are many eye specialists/ophthalmologists available in that city. For a more clear view, you can visit www.docindia.org to get better results in terms of searching for the best ophthalmologists in chennai. This website has helped many people find the best doctor in every city in India.

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