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Stomach problem

Asked for Female, 56 Years
Age -56 Dear sir I have stomach problem like 1 year ago I have hernia problem doctor operate it but after a month I have some symptoms like my stomach ache I feel something is move round and round and after few hour. Whenever I take seeds food and fruits it not digest vomating happen. Doctor prescribed me endoscopy test iafter viewing report doctor told me that your intestine work very fast so I prescribed you some medicine After few months everything is normal but after 1 year of hernia operation I have cyst in upper navel right side doctor advise me for culture test.In culture test only mention saffuculous infection doctor operate it by the help of niddle and prescripe some antibiotics medicine.for 10 day's when I complete my dose 1 day later something is occur in different areas doctor again send for culture test but only mention pus doctor re again prescribed antibiotics medicine for 10 day 10 day's complete operation area is hard and where the something occurs their is swelling it also normal few medicines doctor advise to take it for 10 day after 8 days later re again swelling happen without pain .I don't know why
2 Months ago
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Dr. Md Shaikh Nafis

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