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Have pain in tooth

Asked for Others, 25 Years
Feeling pain in my upper teeth from 5 days. Increase by cold water and hot food. Food stuck over there
2 Months ago
Answers (10)

Dr. Amit Pramanik

Dentist Haldia

Is there are any cavity? Have you IOPAR of the tooth ?

Dr. Sakthi Priya Venkatesan

Dentist Chennai

Hello , the pain and also food accumulation was due to that decay ..could u pls share the x- ray if u taken then I can elaborate the problem and can advise the treatment to be taken .Need to take antibiotic and painkiller. Pls visit near by Dentist

Dr. Sidhant Kumar

Dentist Amritsar

Having pain and sensitivity in tooth i would suggest to follow a regime for at least 10 days Proflo mouthwash after every meal Pyx SF toothpaste for 10 days If pain aggravates ketorol dt If the food is getting stuck get the xray done and plzz share if possible.

Dr. Liwanshi Shokeen

Dentist Sonipat

It is Tooth Decay. There are various reasons for that. Brushing too hard can remove tooth enamel (upper layer of tooth) leading to Sensitivity. Do consult your Dentist for the Treatment.

Dr. Heena Gaurang Vaghela

Dentist Gandhi Nagar

you will need root canal treatment because you have a symptoms like that

Dr. Sonu Yash Chawla

Dentist Nagpur

Need to check clinically and radiologiclly and may require treatment

Dr. Meenakshi Muthiah

Dentist Chennai

Please schedule an online consultation. Need more details to diagnose

Dr. Garima Nainvaya

Dentist Bangalore

This is because you have cavity in that tooth which involves your pulp which contain nerve endings so ideally it will go under root canal treatment

Dr. Dhirender

Dentist Secunderabad

May require a root canal treatment. Can confirm only after taking a radiograph (x-ray)

Dr. Atanu Das

Dentist Asansol

It depends upon the clinical examination. I would like to suggest you to visit your nearby dental clinic and get it diagnosed first.