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Dental treatment to cure cavities

Asked for Others, 24 Years
Can you please say the charges of each services of dental treatment like root canal, implants etc., I have a cavity issue and I am actually consulting this Saturday appointment with you.
26 Days ago
Answers (9)

Dr. Heena Gaurang Vaghela

Dentist Gandhi Nagar

hy mem thank you for connecting with me .you told me that you have a cavity issue .so we r doing both cavity and implant treatment both for cavity charge is 500 onwards as per cavity and implant we have check cbct then we will decide.thank you mem

Dr. Sonu Yash Chawla

Dentist Nagpur

For restoration of cavities: Rs 800 For Root canal : Rs 2500 For Implant : Ranges from 20000 to 25000

Dr. Dharma Sunilbhai Desai

Dentist Vadodara

It depends on the treatment you need .For deep cavities treatment plan is root canal and for superficial cavity you can just go with the filling.

Dr. Sudhir Kumar Mahto

Dentist Madhubani

RCT Charges 3000 per tooth and implants cost around 25-30k Restoration is the initial step of cavity later it will Convert to RCT ...

Dr. Uma Chauhan

Dentist Lucknow

Yes Dental Treatment cure cavities. Every doctor clinic have different changes for RCT nd implant.

Dr. Meenakshi Muthiah

Dentist Chennai

The charges vary depending on the tooth and the severity of the cavity.

Dr. Mounika Reddy

Dentist Anantapur

The treatment for the cavity is called restoration we have may types in that so i depends on how much ur tooth is damaged the treatment cost starts from INR 600

Dr. Dhirender

Dentist Secunderabad

Price ranges from 800 - 2000 depending upon the amount of decay to be removed and filled. Exact price depends on in clinic examination

Dr. Atanu Das

Dentist Asansol

It depends upon the clinical examination. I would like to suggest you to visit your nearby dental clinic and get it diagnosed first.