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Always having fatigue

Asked for Others, 30 Years
Hi sir I am hemanth I am always having fatigue most of the time. I have done all tests and shows normal.can I have solution pls
1 Months ago
Answers (6)

Dr. Ranjith Kumar R

Internal medicine Bangalore Rural

Thats most probably lack of proper sleep, maintain a timely and proper sleep! And secondly deficiency of micro elements and vitamins! You can try talking supplements such as Becosules plus daily afternoon!

Dr. Vishal Husain

Family Medicine Kashipur

What other symptoms any pain or sleeping should take plenty of water and liquids and proper sleep....can take some vitamin supplements like methylcobalmin b complex levocarnitine ....check thyroid profile

Dr. Kavitha Ram

Family Medicine Chennai

Pls get appointment sir. We will see

Dr. Harshita Harshita

Family Medicine Najafgarh

How’s ur life style right now ? Tell me about your food habits

Miss. Aditi Mittal

Nutrition Ambikapur

Hello, contact me on 9244599276, for diet plan to improve your energy levels

Mrs. Dhara Vivek Bhalodia

Nutrition Ahmedabad

Take energy rich food, small frequent meals and slee on time