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Dr. Jill Nikhil Shah - Internal medicine in Mumbai

Dr. Jill Nikhil Shah

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General Physician

Internal medicineInternal medicine
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  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
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I am a highly accomplished physician who has dedicated my career to providing exceptional medical care to my patients. I embarked on my journey in the field of medicine by completing my MBBS from the prestigious MGM Institute of Health Sciences in Maharashtra. This foundational education equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue her passion for healthcare. After obtaining my MBBS degree, I began my professional career as a physician at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital. I have served as a physician at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital for the past eight years, gaining invaluable experience and honing my medical expertise along the way.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400067

Mon - Sun

8:00 AM - 11:55 PM

Consult Fee ₹ 1000


  • MGM Institute Of Health Sciences, Maharashtra - 2016 Graduated
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Work & Experience

  • Nanavati Hospital Mumbai
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    2016(Currently Working)
  • Nanavati Max Hospital Mumbai
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    2018(Currently Working)
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condom break

6 Months ago

i was having sex with call girl. i checked in the middle it was fine.i was about to ejaculate , she said the condom tore and i ejaculated partly inside and majority inside.. i asked her hiv status . she said she is negative .. seems has 2 yr old baby as she had caesarian marks. i am afraid of hiv .. i dont have any marks on my penis , like cuts abrasion e.t.c.. as i think the condom broke and i immediately removed and washed my penis with water and soap. i think may be for 5 seconds may be inside her vagina. even she is not bleeding and seems healthy.

Dr Jill Nikhil Shah replied

Don’t worry it won’t lead to any pregnancy if she misses her periods then get one UPT that is urine pregnancy test done View Answer

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