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Dr. Shiva Sharma


  • Delhi, Delhi

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Clinic Locations

Max Smart Superspeciality Hospital

Press Enclave marg, Mandir Marg , Delhi , Delhi , India


  • Dental Fillings
  • Dental Restoration
  • Dental Examinations
  • Dental Sealant
  • Dental Crowns
  • Facet Dental
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Chin Augumentation (Mentoplasty)
  • Artificial Teeth
  • BPS Dentures Fixing
  • Conservative Dentistry
  • Endo Surgery Or Apicoectomy
  • Immediate Dentures
  • Laser Gum Surgery
  • Maxillo Facial Prosthodontics
  • Orthognathic Surgery
  • Periodontal Flap Surgery
  • Smile Design
  • Teeth Reshaping
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Thineers
  • Tooth Coloured Fillings
  • Oral Rehabilitation
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Oral Lesions Screening
  • Bleeding Gums Treatment
  • Gap Closing
  • Dental Implant Fixing
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
  • Facial Trauma
  • Facial Aesthetic Surgery
  • Cleft Lip Repair
  • Implant Retained Dentures
  • Jaw Reshaping
  • Crowns and Bridges Fixing
  • Oral Surgery Procedures
  • Flap Surgery
  • Gingivoplasty
  • Alveolectomy
  • Scaling / Polishing
  • Full Denture (Acrylic)
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  • Mouth Guard
  • Surgical Tooth Extraction
  • Impaction / Impacted Tooth Extraction
  • Tooth Extraction


  • Chaudhary Charan Singh University ,Meerut - 2010 Graduated

Work & Experience

  • Madan Mohan Malaviya Hospital , Malviya Nagar
    Junior Residency
  • Paramount Dental Clinic
  • Alchemist Hospital
  • Paras Hospital
    Associate Dental Surgeon
  • Max Smart Superspeciality Hospital
    Visiting Consultant


Toothache Causes and Remedies for Relieve the Pain

A toothache refers to pain in or around your tooth. This discomfort can range from a minor issue, like gum irritation, to an indication of a larger problem, like tooth decay. However, toothache is sometimes referred pain. This means that the pain is caused by problems elsewhere in the body. A toothache should never be ignored. A toothache caused by tooth decay can be exacerbated if left untreated.

Consuming Vitamin C May Help to Stop Bleeding Gums

Gums that bleed after simple probing can be a sign of gingivitis, an early stage of periodontal disease. However, low levels of vitamin C may also be behind the problem. This can be remedied by increasing your intake of Vitamin C as said by the researchers. Daily brushing, flossing, and every-three-to-four-months cleaning of teeth will help prevent this condition.

Exploring Dental Implants: Types and Treatment Options

Exploring Dental Implants: Types and Treatment Options June 4, 2023 by Editorial Team Exploring Dental Implants Types and Treatment Options Share Tweet Pin Share Dental implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry by providing a durable and natural-looking solution for replacing missing teeth. Unlike traditional dentures or bridges, dental implants are designed to mimic the appearance, function, and feel of natural teeth. They offer a permanent and long-lasting option for individuals seeking to restore their smiles, improve oral function, and regain their confidence. However, before diving into the details of dental implants,

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