Dr. Shilpa KL - Pediatrics in Bangalore

Dr. Shilpa KL

MD - Pediatrics, MBBS

  • Bangalore, Karnataka

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Clinic Locations

, Bangalore , Karnataka , India


  • Pediatric
  • Newborn Jaundice
  • Chickenpox Treatment
  • Measles Treatment
  • Bronchial Asthma Treatment
  • Limping child
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Treatment
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Infectious Disease Treatment
  • Lower/Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Treatment
  • Health Checkup (General)
  • Thyroid Disease in Children
  • Disorders of Puberty
  • Diabetes in Children
  • Menstrual Disorders in Adolescent Girls
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Adolescence
  • Neonatal Nursing
  • Childhood Infections
  • Growth & Development Evaluation / Management
  • Paediatrics - Chest
  • Paediatrics - Ortho
  • Allergy Testing
  • Children's Health
  • Cough Treatment
  • Bedwetting
  • Cerebral Palsy Treatment
  • Child Development Disease Treatment
  • Congenital diseases
  • Diet For Kids
  • Nebulisations
  • Travel Vaccination and Consultation
  • Malaria Treatment
  • Fever Treatment
  • Infant & Child nutrition
  • Jaundice Treatment
  • Bad Breath (Halitosis) Treatment
  • Gastroenteritis Treatment
  • Typhoid Fever Treatment
  • Appendicitis Treatment
  • ENT Checkup (General)
  • Tonsillitis Treatment
  • Treatment of fractures and other injuries in children
  • Health Checkup (Pediatric)
  • Development Assessment
  • New Born Care


  • Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore - 2010 Graduated
    MD - Pediatrics
  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India - 2003 Graduated

Work & Experience

  • Nationwide
    clinical practioner


  • Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP)


Dyslexia in Children and How to Help Your Kid

What Does Dyslexia mean? Dyslexia is a common condition that affects the way a person learns. People with dyslexia often have trouble reading, spelling, writing, and sometimes pronouncing words. Children with dyslexia often appear to be careless or lazy, but they are not. They are just experiencing the world differently than most people. What Causes Dyslexia? It occurs in people at all levels of intelligence, from high to low. While dyslexia can make reading difficult, most people with dyslexia are not illiterate. They may understand what they read or the content of what they write but can have problems with fluency.

Everything About Labor Induction During Pregnancy

When your pregnancy ends, you begin to experience your labor pain and eventually move towards childbirth. It is certainly painful, but a wonderful experience to give birth to a child and hear its first cry. But sometimes, due to some physical complications, emergency conditions might arise during the time of labor or childbirth. So, during that emergency period, it is always recommendable to speed up the process of labor and childbirth, either naturally or artificially with the help of medicines or necessary treatment procedures to save the life of the child and to keep the mother healthy so that she can have a safe and healthy childbirth. This process of controlling labor and childbirth for emergencies in pregnancy is known as ‘Labor Induction’ according to medical terms.

Heat Illness And Dehydration In Children

It is extremely hot and humid in tropical countries like India, particularly during the summer months. There are times when heat waves prevail all through the country, making people suffer from extreme heat and humidity. So, in this type of climate, it is important to take good care of your health so that you can keep cool and not fall ill. It is vital to know that during the summer months, special care must be taken of your children because the immune system of your children is completely different from that of the adult’s body. So, when it comes to the matter of taking care of children in the summer months, parents need to be careful and should know the correct procedures and steps to follow to keep children healthy during hot and humid summer.

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