Dr. Sheby Puttukkara - Pediatrics in Bangalore

Dr. Sheby Puttukkara

MBBS, MD - Pediatrics

  • Bangalore, Karnataka

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Clinic Locations

St. Philomena's Hospital

4, Mother Teresa Road, Vivek Nagar Post , Bangalore , Karnataka , India


  • Infant & Child nutrition
  • Fever Treatment
  • Infectious Disease Treatment
  • Vaccination/ Immunization
  • Growth & Development Evaluation / Management


  • Pediatrician


  • Pariyaram Dental College,Academy of Medical Sciences - 2005 Graduated
  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India - 2011 Graduated
    MD - Pediatrics


  • Karnataka Medical Council


How To Recognize Mental Illness In Children And What To Do?

It might be difficult for parents to recognize mental illness in their children. As a result, many children who would benefit from treatment are unable to receive it. Learn how to spot the warning symptoms of mental illness in youngsters and how to assist your child. Mental health refers to how you think, regulate your emotions, and act in general. Patterns of changes in thinking, feeling, or behavior that cause distress or disrupt a person’s capacity to function are characterized as a mental illness or mental health problem.

Miscarriage Rates in Pregnancy Week By Week

Nothing can be more painful in pregnancy than a miscarriage or any type of birth defect. Miscarriage is the condition when a baby is accidentally lost before the 20th week of your pregnancy. There are a lot of factors that might be responsible for miscarriage, but a new mother- to- should know what can possibly lead to miscarriage, when, how, and in which rate does miscarriage occurs in the pregnancy.

Dyslexia in Children and How to Help Your Kid

What Does Dyslexia mean? Dyslexia is a common condition that affects the way a person learns. People with dyslexia often have trouble reading, spelling, writing, and sometimes pronouncing words. Children with dyslexia often appear to be careless or lazy, but they are not. They are just experiencing the world differently than most people. What Causes Dyslexia? It occurs in people at all levels of intelligence, from high to low. While dyslexia can make reading difficult, most people with dyslexia are not illiterate. They may understand what they read or the content of what they write but can have problems with fluency.

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