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Pain after toot canal

Asked for Others, 29 Years
Last week I did root canal and got relief from pain, but after few days back it's paining a lot. Can you please suggest what should I do to reduce the pain.
2 Months ago
Answers (4)

Dr. Sakthi Priya Venkatesan

Dentist Chennai

Hi Sir, sometimes pain may be due to presence of infection in the tooth and also the slight pain will be there after the root canal treatment,it willbe reduced.Please take the antibiotic and painkiller prescribed by the Dentist.if the pain persist, pls visit the dentist

Dr. Aarti S Mohta

Dentist Nagpur

Either the treatment done is not completed which can cause pain. You can take medicines as suggested by your dentist. If not relieved kindly take another opinion

Dr. Heena Gaurang Vaghela

Dentist Gandhi Nagar

your rct has completed or not? if u have more pain you can take t etrocoxib 120 mg

Dr. Sudhir Kumar Mahto

Dentist Madhubani

After RCT there should be No pain, if you suffer from pain then visit to the dentist again He will Do Re-Rct if required...