Dr. Sheila Bhave - Pediatrics in Pune

Dr. Sheila Bhave

MBBS, MD - Pediatrics

  • Pune, Maharashtra

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Clinic Locations

Usha Nursing Home

149, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Agarwal Colony, Camp, Pune , Pune , Maharashtra , India


  • Children's Health
  • Vaccination/ Immunization
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • New Born Care
  • Neonatal Nursing


  • Maharashtra State Council - 1970 Graduated
  • Pune University - 1974 Graduated
    MD - Pediatrics
  • Royal Colleges Of Physicians,london, Uk - 1977 Graduated
  • University Of Bombay - 1972 Graduated

Work & Experience

  • usha Nuring Home
  • K.E.M. Hospital
    Consultant in Pediatric Research
  • B.J. Medical College
    Honorary Professor of Pediatrics


  • Medical Council of India (MCI)


Why You Should Care About Measles in Children?

Measles is a viral sickness that affects children. Measles, which was once extremely common, can now always be prevented with a vaccine. Measles, often known as rubeola, is a dangerous illness that can be fatal in young children. Despite the fact that death rates have been declining globally as more children receive the measles vaccine, the disease still kills over 200,000 people each year, the majority of whom are youngsters under the age of five.

What Type Of Childcare Is Best For Your Toddler?

Your toddler becomes the most important part of your life. But you know that you also need to work, need to go to the office and need to do some other stuff as well. So, how can your loved one be safe when you are not around? Sometimes people do not have a ‘stay-at-home’ partner so the best options which they find is searching for a babysitter or childcare.

Depression in Children: What are the age and Effects?

Can your child really get depressed? Many toddlers have fears and worries and concede the possibility of feeling dismal and pessimistic now and then. Strong fears grant permission to perform at various periods all the while happening. For example, toddlers are frequently very upset about being out of their persons, even though they are cautious and cared for. Although few fears and worries are conventional in juveniles, determined or extreme forms of fear and unhappiness may be on account of worry or despair.

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