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Dr. Shalini Jain - Gynecology in Delhi

Dr. Shalini Jain


  • Delhi, Delhi

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Clinic Locations

Dr Shalini Jain Gynae Clinic

C 29, JVTS Gardens., Delhi, Delhi, India,


  • Gynecologist
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Obstetrician


  • G B Pant Hospital / Moulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi - 2001 Graduated
  • Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi - 1998 Graduated

Health Articles

Your Vagina: 7 Things Every Woman Should Know

Understanding vaginal health is crucial for women. Exploring one's anatomy, knowing vaginal discharge norms, and recognizing infection signs are key. Self-cleaning, avoiding douching, and using mild soap suffice for hygiene. Changes in discharge indicate infections like yeast or bacterial vaginosis, requiring medical attention if persistent. Thongs don't cause yeast infections but may exacerbate discomfort during infections. Pain during sex should prompt a gynecologist visit. Finding a trusted gynecologist facilitates open communication and regular check-ups, especially for sexually active individuals. Prioritize comfort and rapport with the doctor for effective reproductive health management, scheduling visits every six months once sexually active.

Miscarriage Rates in Pregnancy Week By Week

Nothing can be more painful in pregnancy than a miscarriage or any type of birth defect. Miscarriage is the condition when a baby is accidentally lost before the 20th week of your pregnancy. There are a lot of factors that might be responsible for miscarriage, but a new mother-to-be should know what can lead to miscarriage, when, how, and at which rate miscarriage occurs in the pregnancy.

Why Is My Breast Milk Leaking and How to Deal With It?

Breast milk leaking from your breasts at any time from the first days of pregnancy until months after delivery is common in breastfeeding mothers. It is not a sign that you need more milk or are making too much milk. Learn the possible reasons for breast milk leaking and tips to control it. Leaking breast milk happens to most women while they are breastfeeding, but it is a normal part of breastfeeding that tends to stop quickly.

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