Dr. M Somasundaram - Cardiology in Chennai

Dr. M Somasundaram

MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Cardiology

  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Clinic Locations

, Chennai , Tamil Nadu , India


  • Madras Medical College, Chennai - 1978 Graduated
  • Madras Medical College, Chennai - 1984 Graduated
    MD - General Medicine
  • Madras Medical College, Chennai - 1986 Graduated
    DM - Cardiology


How Does Tea Help to Keep Your Heart Healthy?

How Does Tea Help to Keep Your Heart Healthy? November 22, 2022 by Editorial Team How Does Tea Help to Keep Your Heart Healthy Share Tweet Pin Share Tea is one of the most refreshing and most commonly- consumed beverages, not only in India but also in some of the major parts of the world. Tea has been consumed for quite a long time, from ancient times and it is still popular even today. Apart from providing refreshments, tea is also considered an important source of plant-based nutrients that are not just beneficial for our overall physiological health and body functioning but also help to get rid of or at least lower the risk of occurrences of different types of diseases and severe health conditions. So, to keep your heart healthy and free from the occurrence of different types of severe cardiac diseases, it is important to include healthy food substances in your diet.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Even though we’ve all heard about the advantages of getting a good night’s sleep, recent research indicates that regular sleep patterns, rather than just sleep duration, may help lessen the risk of a heart attack. A recent study: Adults with irregular sleep habits have an increased chance of developing cardiovascular disease, according to a reliable source (CVD). Lack of a regular bedtime or wake-up time was used to describe an irregular sleep pattern. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute study discovered that older persons’ inconsistent sleep patterns may be a separate CVD risk factor.

Too Little Sleep May Be Hard On Your Heart

Get enough good quality sleep to remain healthy and hearty. You may be sleeping too much or not enough. Find out what your sleeping pattern looks like and see whether you are getting enough quality rest for good health. During sleep, your body repairs itself and gets rid of waste products. Sleep also helps keep your immune system strong because it helps keep inflammation down. Your heart works hard during the day while you are awake, but especially when you get enough good quality sleep.

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